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Chiesi is recertified as a B Corp and sets new tougher objectives for action by 2025

22 Settembre 2022

PARMA, Italy, Sept. 22, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- The B Corp movement, established to help companies balance profit with purpose, is growing by the day. Today more than 5,700 companies are part of the movement and have decided to subject themselves to a rigorous social and environmental impact assessment and evaluation by a recognized and impartial third party that credits actions over words.

"Decarbonisation is an essential step which we believe all businesses must take to achieve an equitable and regenerative global economy. Humankind's survival depends on it," said Maria Paola Chiesi, Shared Value & Sustainability Head of the Chiesi Group "We know it is not an easy path but one that requires continuous effort and improvement across all business dimensions if we are to make a measurable, real-world impact."

"For us, sustainability must be embedded in all our operations and needs to be shared with our value chain; including partners, peers, and competitors. We won't succeed unless we join forces and work together. Milestones such as the recertification serve to mark our progress and inspire us to continuously improve and aim for ever more ambitious goals," added Maria Paola Chiesi.

As part of the re-certification process, B Lab commented in a report of site reviews in Italy, the US, and Canada: "Chiesi Group has made several products and process improvements to lessen the impact of the company's operations on the environment. For example, significant investments in developing carbon minimal pressurized metered dose inhalers. The team was impressed by the awareness and effort that goes into implementing such innovative environmental practices. Namely, the company formally measures Scopes 1, 2, and 3 GHG emissions, which are above and beyond the industry standard."

As well as highlighting the main progress in terms of social and environmental impact, the recertification process also identified a series of improvements as targets for the coming three years. Chiesi unveiled its plan to become carbon neutral in 2021 and is now striving to reach net-zero by 2035 by deploying a detailed plan, with clear and measurable milestones for emissions reduction.

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