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Discngine partners up with ChemAxon to enhance its 3decision® platform for innovative structure-driven drug discovery

13 Gennaio 2022

PARIS, Jan. 13, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Discngine, a research and lab informatics software and services company, announces a strategic partnership with ChemAxon, a leading cheminformatics and bioinformatics company. By joining forces, the partners expect to streamline pharma and biotech research involving complex biomolecular structural data.

Discngine's 3decision platform stores, categorizes and analyzes protein-ligand structural data in a centralized knowledge base. Its fundamental value includes the automatic transformation of protein structural data generated over time into valuable knowledge, easily accessible by scientists for convenient structure-based discoveries.

The partnership with ChemAxon will bring the chemistry and biology capabilities of 3decision to a higher level. Integrating several of ChemAxon's cheminformatics and biologics software components into 3decision will expand its capabilities to work on larger biological entities, in addition to the already available features for proteins and small molecules. The registration and visualization of biological entries, like antibodies or peptides, efficient data mining, and advanced analytical capabilities will be accessible.

Eric Le Roux, Discngine CEO, explains: "The biomolecular structural data avalanche is happening right now, bringing along challenges for efficient data handling and analysis. We want to provide research teams with the platform that will do this work for them. The synergy of our technologies will help to accelerate the development of next generation biological drugs using a structure-based approach!"

Efi Hoffmann, ChemAxon co-CPO, adds: "It is crucial to keep innovating and grow with the market that we know so well. This is why we are so happy to collaborate with Discngine on this project and raise our mutual capabilities to the next level."

In the coming weeks, Discngine and ChemAxon will host a joint event to elaborate on technical and scientific opportunities coming from the partnership.

About Discngine –

Discngine, Paris-based company, offers software and IT services for life sciences research organizations.

Our expertise in cheminformatics, structural bioinformatics, laboratory informatics, knowledge management, and decision making is available in a variety of deliverables ranging from custom development and SaaS solutions, to software components and third-party product integration.

3decision® platform:

About ChemAxon –

ChemAxon is a chemical and biochemical software company. We have developed more than a dozen applications, including JChem Engines, Marvin, Design Hub and more, which are widely used in universities, businesses and patent firms around the world. Clients include Bayer, GlaxoSmithKline and Bristol-Myers Squibb. We have offices in Budapest, Basel, Boston and San Diego and distributors around the world.

Contact: Marija Martini, Community Manager,; Valentin Beuchillot, Marketing Manager,

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