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"Finally" User-friendly, Methylcellulose-free Solutions for Meat Substitutes using Citri-Fi® Citrus Fiber

13 Dicembre 2021

RIVER FALLS, Wis., Dec. 13, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Fiberstar, Inc., the leader of high performing citrus fibers, launches new methylcellulose-free solutions to create clean label meat substitutes. "This launch comes at a time when food manufacturers are scrambling for ways to improve meat substitute texture in addition to food labelling," says President and CEO John Haen. "Many clean label options on the market have their drawbacks ranging from manufacturing complexity to consumer acceptance." Because of this, Fiberstar introduced its next generation Citri-Fi® TX20 texturizing citrus fiber which can be used with specific plant-based proteins such as potato and/or canola to produce methylcellulose-free meat analogs.

Clean Label Formulating Toolbox for Meat Alternatives

Since the plant-based boom, companies have been seeking alternatives for methylcellulose. At the same time, the market realizes there is no one-to-one substitution. As a result, Fiberstar built a toolbox of methylcellulose-free solutions for meat alternatives that satisfies a range of product requirements. The new Citri-Fi TX20, which provides firmness, thickening power and meat-like texture is a key instrument in this toolbox. "We cater to a variety of customers ranging from those who need allergen-free options to those who are trying to create healthier products without coconut or palm fat," explains Mr. Haen. "These plant proteins work synergistically with Citri-Fi to create the meat-like texture, succulence and hot bite that customers expect."

Also, in this toolbox is the standard Citri-Fi 100 citrus fiber line which binds water and emulsifies to create the juicy texture. When used in these new methylcellulose-free solutions, they provide additional benefits including heat and freeze/thaw stability. The Citri-Fi products are sustainably derived from citrus fruit. The process, which is free from chemical modifications, produces a high fiber product containing equal amounts of soluble and insoluble fiber which gives it superior functionality compared to other similar plant fibers on the market.

Additional Citrus Fiber Benefits

Fiberstar's new methylcellulose-free solutions are clean label and have no E-number. The labeling options include citrus fiber, dried citrus pulp or citrus flour. Citri-Fi is allergen-free, gluten-free and Non-GMO Project certified.

"R&D will continue to pioneer new clean label solutions using our citrus fiber technology," states Dr. Brock Lundberg, Ph.D., President of R&D and Food Applications. "Our long-standing expertise and nimble technical team shorten our customer's time to market which sets us apart from others in the industry."

About Fiberstar, Inc.: Fiberstar, Inc. is a privately held innovative biotechnology Company focused on enhancing food performance by manufacturing and marketing value-added, plant-based food ingredients. Its largest brand, Citri-Fi®, is a natural, high performing citrus fiber sustainably produced from citrus fruit. The physical process, which is free from chemical modifications, creates high water holding and clean emulsification properties which benefit meat, dairy, bakery, dressings, sauces, frozen food, beverages, pet food, dairy alternatives and meat substitutes. Citri-Fi is GRAS, non-allergenic, non-GMO Project certified and has no E-number. Headquartered in River Falls, Wisconsin with manufacturing in Florida and Wisconsin, Fiberstar sells products globally in over 65 countries.

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