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TNO Study Shows Efficacy of Corona Canon Against Covid-19

04 Giugno 2021

RIJSWIJK, Netherlands, June 4, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- The Scalene Hypercharge Corona Canon (Shycocan) can be used effectively to neutralize Covid-19 and other corona viruses in closed spaces. Research by TNO1 shows that the corona canon reduces the SARS COV-2 virus on stainless steel surfaces by 94.9 percent within fifteen minutes.

Previously, the Dutch scientific institute reviewed tests in laboratories in India and Mexico that showed that the system reduces SARS COV-2 surrogate viruses, such as the Avian virus and other coronaviruses, by 99.7% in closed spaces within five to fifteen minutes. Scalene Europe therefore wants to supply the device for use in public spaces like schools, offices, churches, bars and restaurants, shops, gyms, care centers, hospitals and other buildings to help keep these corona-free.

"TNO has shown in the laboratory that the Shycocan helps to neutralize the coronavirus. It thus contributes to reducing the risk of infection," says TNO.

The corona canon looks like a wall lamp fixed to a wall. The device creates a negatively charged electron cloud in a space via a bombardment of photons. Those particles attach themselves to the positively charged spikes of the coronavirus. This neutralizes the virus and prevents it from entering human cells.

About 70,000 devices were installed worldwide, often under names like 'corona guard' or 'electron cannon'. Scalene Europe now introduces the device to the European market. In the Netherlands, some schools, hair salons and a funeral home are already working with the corona canon.

According to Scalene Europe 's CEO Anton Jongbloed, the Shycocan can help to keep public and other spaces corona-free. "After switching on the system,  almost all viruses are neutralized within 15 minutes," he says.

He emphasizes that it is not an air purification system, or a medical device and the working is not based on ozone. Neither is it a substitute for the corona measures. "It is a tool for eradicating the virus. SARS COV-2 and other viruses dangerous to humans will continue to emerge, in different mutations. We will probably have to continue vaccinating and taking measures for years. This device is extremely suitable to help protect spaces from corona. That is why we are pleased that TNO has successfully demonstrated the antiviral effect of the Shycocan," says Jongbloed.

1 TNO 2021 R10988 Viricidal efficacy of surface disinfection system on SARS COV-2

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