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TRPC Joins Access Partnership to Bolster Advisory Service in Asia Pacific

01 Giugno 2021

Step consolidates group's ability to shape national rules around tech so all stakeholders get a fair deal in the process

LONDON, June 1, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Access Partnership, the tech sector's global public policy firm, announced today that it has integrated TRPC, a Singapore-based research and advisory firm that develops policy solutions for international development funds, connectivity companies, and the financial services sector.  The companies will merge their Singapore operations and establish an office in Sydney, Australia adding to the group's already strong network across the Asia-Pacific region.

The new group will trade under the Access Partnership name to provide high-impact policy advice that accelerates time-to-market for new technologies while ensuring long-term regulatory stability.  The organisation will also see TRPC founder Peter Lovelocklead Access Partnership's provisionally named Fair Tech Institute, which will provide government advisory services and develop best practice in tech policy, tackling issues that include digitalization, cybersecurity, data governance, sustainability, online content, and connectivity.

"Governments and their citizen-stakeholders are demanding access to technology on terms that are fair," said Greg Francis, Access Partnership's CEO. "We can better offer unbiased solutions through our consolidation of TRPC, whose problem-solving and cost-saving capability was honed with their work across Asia for the Asia Cloud Computing Association, and through their support to multilateral lenders, international organisations, telecommunication and enterprise technology companies."

"To scale the solutions, we provide that expedite access to technology, we needed a global platform supported by world-class practitioners, such as Access Partnership provides," said Peter Lovelock, co-founder of TRPC. "And as we shared the same mission, it's natural that we also share a roof."

Co-founded in 1995 by Dr Peter Lovelock, TRPC specialises in driving change through the telecommunications and information technology sector. With an extensive network of industry experts and influencers throughout the region, it has been a discreet shaper of policy for 25 years.

About Access Partnership

Access Partnership – now with TRPC – is the world's leading public policy firm dedicated to opening markets for technology. We shape national, regional and international policies to ensure a fair, long-lasting environment for technology that drives growth. Our teams across the globe uniquely mix policy and technical expertise to drive outcomes for clients operating at the intersection of technology, data and connectivity.

Media Contact:Imtiaz MuftiSenior PR & Communications Manager +44 7534458383

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