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Asclepion Laser Technologies presents the new body shaping system BodyLab

31 Maggio 2021

Introduction of Asclepion's first body shaping system BodyLab – Muscle toning and fat reduction with FMS technology – Non-invasive, completely pain free procedure – Suitable for different body regions – Up to 2.5 Tesla intensity – Ergonomic, easy to use handpieces – Pre-set programmes, user friendly technology and bright LCD touchscreen for your daily practice

JENA, Germany, May 31, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Asclepion Laser Technologies has been a leader in the aesthetic laser medicine market for over 40 years. The constant development of new technologies has made Asclepion an outstanding company in the optical industry. Asclepion today announces the launch of its latest innovation – the BodyLab body shaping system. With its first generation of FMS technology based body forming systems, Asclepion sets new standards in the aesthetic medicine field again. The BodyLab comes with the latest technology, in a modern design and a 100 % success rate, offering numerous advantages for users and patients.

Muscle toning and fat reduction with FMS technology

The new BodyLab is a high performance body shaping system, using FMS technology (Focused Magnetic Stimulation) in order to reduce fat and build up muscles in less than 30 minutes per session. It therefore works extremely fast, delivers optimal results and enables 100 % natural weight loss and body toning. During the treatment, the patient's muscles are stimulated with supramaximal contractions (up to 2.5 Tesla), thereby increasing the metabolism and prompting significant fat reduction. The BodyLab works on many areas of the body such as the abdomen, buttocks, hips, legs and arms.

The BodyLab additionally convinces with its modern design and user-friendly technology. With its maximum frequency of 150 Hz and its high intensity of up to 2.5 Tesla, this device guarantees flawless treatments every time. Its bright and clear touchscreen makes it easier to select the needed parameters and the moveable trolley provides maximum flexibility in the treatment room. Furthermore, the BodyLab provides pre-set programmes for each treatment, making the procedures especially easy to perform – everything for the user's convenience.

Ergonomic handpieces for all body areas

There are two handpieces available for the treatment with the new BodyLab device. They are suitable to use on the whole body and work extremely effectively. Thanks to the innovative FMS technology, the treatment with the BodyLab and its corresponding handpieces is non-invasive, completely pain free and very easy to operate. The round shaped handpieces are ergonomically designed, lightweight and therefore especially easy to use on the patient.

Why FMS technology?

The BodyLab body shaping system stimulates selective supramaximal activation of the muscle unit under the activation probe. The magnetic stimulator generates impulses independent of brain function at such a fast frequency that there is no longer a relaxation phase. The supramaximal contractions can be sustained for several seconds. This increases the physiological stress required for the adaptation of the muscles, which in turn respond with a profound remodelling of their internal structure. Increased muscle density and volume result in improved muscle definition and increased muscle tone.

For more information, visit our website or contact us at, Thomas Unger, +49 (0) 3641 7700-303

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