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Nippon Express Multilingualizing Its Global Website

27 Maggio 2021

TOKYO, May 27, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Nippon Express Co., Ltd. has been multilingualizing its global website, which by June 2021 will be capable of accommodating 14 languages.


Image: Homepage of global website

Global website URL:

- Purpose of multilingualization

Nippon Express is striving to achieve the long-term vision of becoming a logistics company with a strong presence in the global market stipulated in the "Nippon Express Group Business Plan 2023 -- Dynamic Growth." Its global website has heretofore only been available in English, but multilingualization efforts are underway to make the website more convenient for non-English-speaking users and to allow for better communication with a broader range of global customers.

- Progress made in multilingualization

As of March 2021: Website capable of accommodating 12 languagesEnglish, Chinese (simplified), Arabic, Italian, Indonesian, Dutch, Spanish, Thai, Vietnamese, Bengali, Portuguese and Malay

By June 2021: Two more languages to be addedGerman, French

Nippon Express will continue enhancing its website and other owned media to make them more convenient for users even as it works to further expand its services.

Official LinkedIn Account: NIPPON EXPRESS GROUP

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