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Ko-Max to debut a new suction system with enhanced user interface

24 Maggio 2021

- INCHEON, South Korea, May 24, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Aerosol Suction "Silence Series", Ko-Max's new, lighter suction system with better user interface than the conventional model is getting popular.

Ko-Max announced that its Silence Series, released last month, is becoming popular in various sectors including nail shops, dental labs, and hospital and dental offices that are vulnerable to viruses such as Covid-19.

Silence series has many models and boasts high utility and applicability. Its models include joint type with 360 rotation, hose type with unlimited angle height, box type with barriers against dusts, and CAM type with connectivity to CAM milling machines. The Silence Series ensure a quiet and calm work environment with less noise. 

Of the new series, Silence A200 is made of plastic, leading to the ½ reduction of weight in comparison to the formal model, Free100mini, made of steel. It also reduced the useless processes, including the needs and steps in filter change. The UV-C LED and plasma ionizer can remove viruses, improving the air quality and preventing infections in the era of Covid-19.

Ko-Max is producing industrial systems used widely in dental labs along with the products for dental offices. Unlike the conventional suction systems that were difficult to use on the table due to its size, Ko-Max's Classe One suction system is compact and for easy use on the table. The model is also popular in the nail art industry, and its BLDC motor allows small but strong suction capacity.

Ko-Max developed a improved CAM-exclusive system with universal connectivity with any CAD-CAM milling machine, allowing replacement of the older, imported CAM suction systems. Indeed, it is also building Silence CAM that can read and receive signals both ways via cable connection only if the interface specification for the CAM machine is provided.  

There is also the Silence Micromotor system. The model has foot pedal and handpieces connected to the body, as well as a display for control of those parts; the model allows easy control of without additional parts.

"Ko-Max is focusing on developing new products that can be used in everyday life. Most of our products are injection products, improving the competitiveness against competitors with metal parts. We are interested in entering other markets; we are exporting our products to the USA, Japan, Philippines, Italy, and India," said from Na, Byoung Gun, CEO from Ko-Max.

Contact: Lee Seung Jae, +82-10-8288-0432,

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