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Newly launched pattern design platform 'Space Tailor' helps printing companies advance into the interior market

20 Maggio 2021

- SEOUL, South Korea, May 20, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- The digital printing market has been struggling recently due to the economic downturn and soaring inflation. Thus, some printing companies are attempting to break away from the crisis by expanding from the signage market into the interior market. However, the absence of attractive designs is stopping them from fully exploring the possibilities of that sector. As the majority of the printing businesses do not hire pattern designers, providing high quality designs to their clients is limited.

In order to overcome such problems, the newly launched platform 'Space Tailor' gives printing businesses a helping hand. 'Space Tailor' is a platform that offers ready-to-print interior pattern designs to inkjet companies that face difficulties due to the absence of a design team. With the unique pattern designs provided by 'Space Tailor', the companies are able to expand their network further to the inkjet and signage markets, but ultimately also to the interior market, gaining new opportunities on the way.

'Space Tailor' offers various pattern designs that can be printed on interior films like 'Veilish' window fabric and 'Floorappeal' fabric floor material. In particular, 'Veilish' is a self-adhesive fabric interior film that can be printed with solvent, latex, and UV inks. Thanks to a unique adhesive similar to this on popular memo stickers, it is easy to install and remove without the help of an expert. It is currently sold in 18 countries across the globe including European countries, Australia, and the USA.

Upon a purchase of 'Veilish' or 'Floorappeal', the printing companies can enter a code from the product's box and receive a coupon. They can later purchase the pattern designs with those coupons. Moreover, 'Space Tailor' currently offers free pattern designs to the printing companies planning to find new opportunities by advancing their business into the new interior market. More information on the process and various designs can be found on the 'Space Tailor' website.

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