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'Morning Walk S200', CUREXO's walking rehabilitation robot, has acquired European CE certification

18 Maggio 2021

- SEOUL, South Korea, May 18, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- On the 17th, the medical robot specialist company CUREXO (060280) announced that their next-gen walking rehabilitation robot, the 'Morning Walk S200', acquired CE certification. This is the 3rd certificate that the 'Morning Walk S200' has acquired, followed by MFDS (Korea) and FDA (US) certificates this February.

By acquiring the European CE certificate, the company can now advance to 28 EU countries, 3 EFTA countries, EU candidate countries and neutral countries. Also, after acquiring the MDFS (Korea), the company has recently won 2 national project contracts and has also been supplying its solution to the rehabilitation hospitals in the Gyeongbuk region.

Many research papers prove the stability and usefulness of the 'Morning Walk' for cerebral stroke, spinal cord injuries, Parkinson's disease, peripheral nerve disease, and artificial knee joint patients.

According to the article, 'Effects of robot-(Morning Walk ®) assisted gait training for patients after stroke: a randomized controlled trial' in the SCI Journal 'Clinical Rehabilitation, 2019, Vol.33' In a randomized control trial with 58 cerebral stroke patients to assess the rehabilitation performance of 'Morning Walk,' the 'Motricity Index' that indicates the strength of lower extremity and the 'Berg Balance Scale' that evaluates the patients' balancing ability have shown statistically significant improvements compared to the control group. 'Montricity Index' has improved approximately 69.8% and 'Berg Balance Scale' has improved approximately 49.0% compared to the control groups.

According to the article 'Five-day rehabilitation of patients undergoing total knee arthroplasty using an end-effector gait robot as a neuromodulation blending tool for deafferentation, weight offloading and stereotyped movement: Interim analysis' published in the medical journal 'PLOS ONE, 2020 Vol.15', During 5 days of randomized control trials, the 'Morning Walk' and other medical walkers were used by artificial joint surgery patients. Based on the electrophysiological evaluation and biomechanical measuring technique, the patients who used 'Morning Walk' showed 2.65 times higher strength growth rate than the control group.

According to the article, 'Feasibility of Robot-Assisted Gait Training with an End-Effector Type Device for Various Neurologic Disorders,' published in neurorehabilitation journal 'Brain & NeuroRehabilitation, 2020 Vol.13,' the control experiment with 100 brain injury patients, 40 spinal cord injury patients, 8 Parkinson's disease patients, 9 peripheral nerve disease patients, 22 pediatric patients (total 189) showed a significant improvement in both Medical Research Council (MRC) that evaluates the strength and Functional Ambulatory Category (FAC) that indicate walking ability.

CEO Jae-Joon Lee stated "I am glad that the 'Morning Walk S200' has acquired European CE certification allowing us to expand our market to the European medical rehabilitation market, followed by Korea and the US." He also said that "Many research papers have confirmed that the rehabilitation utilizing 'Morning Walk' significantly improves stability and effectiveness compared to the control group. This demonstrates that the 'Morning Walk' has a wide range of applications. For the past years, we have listened to the feedback of our patients and medical staff who used 'Morning Walk' and continuously improved our solution. As a result, the 'Morning Walk' is now being supplied to 16 rehabilitation hospitals in Korea and is going to be sold overseas. As we have obtained the permits in the US and Europe, we plan to expand our business in the advanced medical market.

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