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SIAL China 2021 to be held in Shanghai May 18-20

17 Maggio 2021

The event will host ten concurrent forums accessible worldwide through live streaming

SHANGHAI, May 17, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- From May 18 to 20, SIAL China 2021, one of the world's three major food exhibitions, will be held at Shanghai Pudong New International Expo Center. As an annual conference of the whole food industry chain, the exhibition this year will, for the first time, live stream the event worldwide in both Chinese and English. In collaboration with other SIAL Global F&B exhibitions, SIAL China 2021 promises to deliver insights into the future of the industry at ten concurrently-held forums.

The organizers of the exhibition will host ten thematic forums concurrently, among them, New Retail Summit, International Meat Conference, Global Dairy Forum and Food Supply Chain Forum. Representatives from multiple countries and regions, including China, the European Union, Israel, Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, and Indonesia, as well as executives from emerging food brands, large F&B corporations, and venture capitals plan to share opinions on core issues including nutrition and health food, alternative proteins, carbon neutrality, product innovation, and the food supply chain upgrade.

Unlike the previous 21 exhibitions, SIAL China 2021 will further strengthen its collaboration with other SIAL Global F&B exhibitions, further empowering the 700,000 food industry professionals from 220 countries brought by SIAL Network by giving them the opportunity to participate and interact via live streaming of the ten concurrent forums. Moreover, a promotional campaign for SIAL China via social media channels including LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, will be launched by SIAL Paris, the original and most well-known one of the SIAL series of exhibitions.

The SIAL Network exhibitions are held every year in Shanghai (China), Paris (France), Montreal (Canada), Toronto (Canada), Abu Dhabi (UAE), New Delhi (India) and Jakarta (Indonesia), with the mission of continuously driving and optimizing the integration of the global food industry chain and helping food companies everywhere build a global competitive advantage.



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