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EZVIZ rolls out its all-new BC1 battery-powered camera kits for enhanced home protection that requires minimal effort

17 Maggio 2021

- The 100% wire-free BC1 Camera will impress consumers with its full year-long battery life and inherits EZVIZ's key technologies of color night vision, two-way talk and active defense.

HOOFDDORP, Netherlands, May 17, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- EZVIZ, a leading global brand in smart home security, adds one of the most versatile security cameras to its product offering for well-rounded home protection, both inside and out. The 100% wire-free BC1 camera, sold together with a base station, delivers steady performance for up to 365 days on a single battery charge. The BC1 boasts plenty of standout performance features, including sharp 1080p video quality, color night vision, two-way communication, and active defense.

Equipped with a 12,900 mAh rechargeable battery, the BC1 camera excels in battery life and gives users far more freedom in deciding the location of installation without worrying where their power outlets are. Its impressive performance is supported by the included base station, which ensures a stronger Wi-Fi connection even at extended distances.

Though running on batteries, the BC1 camera provides equivalent or even better features as compared to hardwired ones. It renders vivid, colorful imaging at night with two built-in spotlights, and is IP66-rated to withstand most weather conditions. Since the base is magnetic, installation requires nothing more than setting it on a metallic surface – no cables, wires, brackets, or professional installers required.

Integrating a passive infrared (PIR) sensor and person-shape detection algorithm, the BC1 camera is able to distinguish humans from other moving objects. Upon detection on humans, it will send mobile alerts to the users, while setting off a loud siren and flashing two spotlights to deter would-be trespassers on the spot.

"The BC1 follows the practices we had with our earlier popular battery camera – we maintain the simple, intuitive operation, and take a step further with extended battery life and advanced features," said Jessica He, product manager of EZVIZ's battery-powered camera range. "The BC1 is designed to bring a next-level security experience to every home owner."

For users who seek to scale up their home security system, EZVIZ offers flexible kit options. Customers can choose to bundle up one, two, or three BC1 cameras with a single base station. Video storage is also flexible – users can store videos on local microSD cards, or subscribe to EZVIZ CloudPlay for unlimited cloud storage.

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