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SmartBug is ready to launch

10 Maggio 2021

CATANIA, Italy, May 10, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- SmartBug is an Italian startup that is getting ready to globally launch its home automation ecosystem on Kickstarter. SmartBug is a smart home system with which users can automate their home. A real revolution in the field of smart home and home automation: a disruptive alternative in the market that combines collaborative technology and personalized services in an elegant and smooth device. Without a hub, it offers a set of plugins with unlimited possibilities of use.

A touch and gesture enabled wall switch, designed for all of those who want to keep a minimalist and discreet design without giving up on technology. Just like in the theory of the "intelligent swarms," the SmartBugs installed around the home - while replacing the old wall switches - can collaborate among each other through a solution that integrates WiFi, Bluetooth, and IR depending on a decentralized system that shares a peer-to-peer strategy, beyond the modern cloud technology. The mesh network allows for a link between the various SmartBugs, creating a network that requires no signal repeaters. It's with the on-board IR Led that the receivers translate the light impulses into commands so as to allow the device to turn on the AC or change a channel on TV. With SmartBug, the user can control the most traditional technology through an intelligent app that can be downloaded on the smartphone where it stores all codes, adding infinite potentials. While a temperature and humidity sensor allows for the control of every environment and the HVAC. It can also interface with the weather stations on the web and prepare for the household needs.

With a high quality digital microphone and a buzzer, every SmartBug can manage the voice commands of all the smart home functions. Just like Amazon, Google and Apple's virtual assistants even in the absence of these latter. The listening feature can be activated and deactivated at will thus allowing to notice the presence of people, dangerous situations (cries for help) or suspicious noises (alarm feature).

SmartBug is also an intelligent ecosystem of control that allows one to save money by recognizing and managing the excessive loads of energy in a fast way and avoid triggering the circuit breaker. SmartBug can measure and control power usages, through the power meter or the power used by a single appliance through a monitoring dashboard that allows to determine the environmental footprint and the sustainable quality of life within someone's own home.

SmartBug will be launching its Kickstarter campaign by the end of May 2021, with the goal of introducing this smart home ecosystem to the global market.

About SmartBug:

Website: www.smartbug.itPress Kit: Pre-order site:

SmartBug is a company that was registered in the Italian Chamber of Commerce (or board of trade) among the innovative startups. Founded at the end of 2019, SmartBug is a global fabless company whose primary goal is the development of new products and technologies for the rising markets. Capable of strong innovation, SmartBug wants to establish itself as the driving technology in the smart home market and in all the different technological areas of the home ecosystem. Among these we find mobile technologies with high energy sustainability, efficient home automation solutions and a large number of applications that revolve around the creation of smart environments, which adapt in an independent, proactive, and specific way to the needs and goals of the user to help him in his everyday life.

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