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All new release of Arria NLG for Tableau 3.0 includes natural language generation wizard-like Apps and NLQ platform called Arria Answers

06 Maggio 2021

Release 3.0 enhances the existing out-of-the-box experience with a growing set of pre-built analyses for user-configurable narratives, and an embedded chat platform that allows you to query data – all with no coding required.

MORRISTOWN, N.J., May 6, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Arria NLG today announced the latest release of their advanced Tableau dashboard extension, delivering augmented self-service analytics for immediate data understanding.

This latest release of Arria's NLG technology provides a redesigned out-of-the box experience with an expanded set of pre-built analyses that instantly generate contextualized written summaries describing the insights within dashboard visuals and any of the underlying data. Critical information that may be lost in the visuals alone are instantly surfaced, communicated, and understood without the need for time-consuming or complex exploration. The technology's capabilities can be accessed through these wizard-like "Apps", as well as through the embedded natural language query (NLQ) platform called Arria Answers.

For example, by using the pre-built Trend analysis, users can generate narratives that drill down through multiple dimensions and highlight noteworthy shifts, such as an analysis of monthly sales broken down by country, product, and market that reveals in words a previously unseen trend of growth in sales in a particular region. With just a few clicks, you can automatically turn your data into plain-language narratives that everyone can read and interpret consistently.

"The Arria dashboard extension for Tableau aligns with our mission to help people see and understand data," said Brian Matsubara, RVP Global Technology Alliances at Tableau. "Natural language can improve the user experience to bring immediate data insights, regardless of role. This release makes it really easy for people who are not business analysts or data scientists to get their questions answered fast."

The announcement comes as companies across the globe strive to develop data analytics strategies that drive efficiency, track business success, and optimize ROI. Surfacing the critical insights in large, often complex datasets is fundamental to the success of any data analytics program, but this is a challenge that many organizations are still encountering. With Arria for Tableau 3.0, dashboard users — both those who have and do not have data analysis skills — have access to visuals supported by explanations in natural language. Viewers no longer have to try to figure out the story the graphs, charts, and tables are meant to communicate; the data story is told in words that everyone can understand.

As Gartner advises, "To maximize value from the use of analytics, BI, and data science solutions, data and analytics leaders should… bolster analytic content consumers by deploying more consumer-friendly capabilities such as automated insights, data storytelling, and catalogs."

"A truly data-driven culture needs a data literacy strategy that democratizes data, engages its stakeholders, and gets rapid user adoption. That's how you optimize the business value of BI," explained Sharon Daniels, CEO, Arria NLG. "Tableau is a leader in empowering data democratization and the newest version of our extension takes that democratization further. Insights and answers written in plain language empower users to rapidly get the information they need. Thorough data understanding leads to action in an accelerated time frame; better-informed decision-making translates to cost savings and successful business outcomes."

Arria for Tableau 3.0 brings natural language to Tableau dashboards and transforms the way users interact with, understand, and take action on their data.

To learn more about Arria for Tableau 3.0, watch this introductory video or contact Arria.

About Arria NLGArria is the world's leading provider of natural language generation (NLG) technology. Arria software replicates the human process of expertly analyzing and communicating data insights. Arria dynamically turns volumes of data into written or spoken narratives at machine speed and on a massive scale by giving data the power of language. Arria offers pre-built out-of-the-box NLG apps as well as the ability to build and customize your own projects. Arria provides solutions across multiple industry verticals.

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