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Total Telecom talks to experts from Huawei and ABI Research to find out how network transformation must happen today to deliver the Target Networks of 2025

28 Aprile 2021

LONDON, April 28, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Total Telecom has hosted a recent panel and talked to Andy Li, Huawei's Chief Architect of Network Transformation at Huawei Carrier Business Group; Jennifer Zhang, Huawei's VP of Global Network Marketing & Solution Sales Department; and Dimitris Mavrakis, senior research director at ABI Research, on the major driving forces for network transformation.

In the new digital world, the customer's needs are changing and so the service type must also change. Andy suggested operators should start network preparations today, changing their network planning from a traditional traffic-centric strategy to a service-centric approach. Jennifer agreed, arguing that operators need to adopt this future-oriented mentality, targeting future milestones and working backwards from there.

With network requirements changing so quickly, Total Telecom learned from Huawei the five key components for the target network for 2025 - a GUIDE to the Target Network 2025:

Gigabit Anywhere: for customers to truly enjoy a 5G experience, they will need seamless gigabit network coverage and quality;Ultra-Automation: intelligent automation must be integrated within the network, able to make fast and accurate data-driven decisions to reduce the burden on manual operators;Intelligent Multi-Cloud Connection: the target networks of 2025 must be able to handle and manage the multi-cloud, including private cloud and public cloud intelligently, to provide consistent experience for customers;Differentiated Experience: it is becoming increasingly clear that customers will pay more for better and more reliable experiences and this is the case for network slicing, where the network can be configured to their specific needs;Environmental Harmony: from innovation in technology to sustainable development strategies, building a greener network is a key concern for the future.

But achieving this GUIDE framework in today's networks is no simple task. Dimitris believes that all of the requirements of the network and operators were constantly changing even in the current era with the pandemic and many other restrictions, so he agreed that the process of trying to refine future networks was a vital one.

Network requirements are changing, and their future success is far from guaranteed. Total Telecom believes action must be taken now in order to ensure the networks of 2025 are competitive and can rise to the changing expectations of this digital world.

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