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Johnnie Walker Keeps Walking as It Launches Its Biggest Ever Sustainability Push

14 Aprile 2021

LONDON, April 14, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Johnnie Walker – the world's best-selling Scotch[1] – is today launching The Next Steps initiative, its most ambitious sustainability drive to date, putting the focus firmly on more sustainable socialising for everyone.

The initiative is a wide-ranging action plan that will see the whisky maker keep walking to become more sustainable by design from 'grain to glass'. The initiative is part of the brand's ongoing efforts to reduce its environmental footprint, restore natural landscapes and reinvent how its whisky is made, distributed and enjoyed in every corner of the world.

Included in the programme is a series of environmental commitments which, by 2030, will ensure:

"Johnnie Walker is built on a legacy of making positive, progressive choices – our own 'Keep Walking' mantra is shaped by that thinking. When we look at the world around us, it's clear that we all have a role to play in protecting the planet and its resources. We can either see what's happening and choose to do nothing or we can keep walking, taking every step we can to reduce our impact. We believe there is only one choice to make," said Julie Bramham, Johnnie Walker Global Brand Director.

The new programme will be spearheaded by the creation of a revolutionary new bar experience, which will showcase the future of 'sustainable socialising'. Created in partnership with multi-award-winning drinks pioneer Ryan Chetiyawardana (Mr Lyan Studio); CEO of Package Free and zero-waste champion Lauren Singer; and The World's Most Rubbish (a global community dedicated to making single-use a thing of the past), the inventive bar experience will premiere later this year before rolling out globally across multiple markets.

Bramham continued: "We want everything we do to be more sustainable across every aspect of our brand and the new drinks experience is where we bring that all together. It's a space where the set-up, the furniture, the operations, processes, and drinks will all be as sustainable as can be. But it will also be - simply and importantly - a brilliant bar experience, something we've all been missing in recent times. It's the way things should be now and we're proud to be pushing boundaries so that people can have a better choice. What if, by going out for the night, you could help make the world just a little bit better? This is one of the most exciting things we've ever done."

Ryan Chetiyawardana said: "Sustainability needs commitment and bold steps – alongside the little, everyday ones – so I'm so proud to be working in partnership with Johnnie Walker as they seek to make proper inroads into addressing this evolving topic with a real and genuine ambition to make a difference. It's been incredible to see them focussed on revolutionising their approach to drink, events and experiences, and helping support big scale change."

As part of The Next Steps initiative, Johnnie Walker is proud to be partnering with the RSPB Scotland (Royal Society for the Protection of Birds) to restore 88 hectares of heavily degraded peatland. This important work will allow plant life to regenerate, support wildlife and reduce carbon emissions. Despite covering only 3% of the world's surface, peatlands store 30% of the world's carbon and are vital to the health and wellbeing of the whole planet.*

Johnnie Walker is also committing to:

"Over the next few years, the choices we make and the actions we take will make a tangible difference to the environment. But more than that we want to do what we can to help give people all around the world the chance to make simple, more sustainable choices themselves and, in doing so, play their own part in building a better future. None of us can change things entirely by ourselves but the collective effort of millions of people pushing in the same direction can make a real, lasting difference," said Bramham. 

The brand's environmental pledges come on top of its continued commitment to promote diversity and inclusivity in all its work and its ongoing advocacy for responsible drinking.

For more information on the initiative visit where you can keep up-to-date and track progress in real time.

Inaction is not an option, Keep Walking.


* The UK has around 13% of the world's peatlands – the vast majority of which are in Scotland. Healthy peatbogs, kept in good condition and retaining water, on average sequester about four times more CO2 than the equivalent area of forest.

**All Johnnie Walker products at a price point of Blue Label and below, will include a minimum of 60% recycled glass in its bottles by 2025. All other products will follow by 2030

*** Based on the 2019 /2020 product life cycle

**** Based on 2019 full year volume

***** In 2020, Johnnie Walker invested in two important woodland protection and tree planting projects at Allt Ruadh and Ballygowan in Scotland to restore vital habitat, enhance local biodiversity and ecosystem services, and help compensate our carbon emissions through CO2 sequestration. We have pledged to plant one million trees across Scotland before 2030. So far, we've planted approximately 389,000 in the Scottish Highlands which will offset roughly the equivalent of 10,500 flights around the world or driving nearly half a million times from London to Edinburgh. It also includes a new tree for every single one of Diageo's 28,000+ employees.

Please drink responsibly. Visit for the facts.

[1] IWSR 2020

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