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The War in the Shadows: Challenges of Fighting Terrorism in Xinjiang

09 Aprile 2021

URUMQI, China, April 8, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- A documentary from CGTN:

With unprecedented transparency, this 60-minute film reveals the reasons behind the terrorism in Xinjiang from inside the region. It exposes for the first time the cases of the "two-faced" men within the high-ranking officials, and the "problem textbooks" used region-wide for thirteen years. The team was given unprecedented access to the heart of the region's counter-terrorism organizations. It contains footage never before released. This is the fourth documentary on terrorism in Xinjiang. Together with the previous three, which are Fighting Terrorism in Xinjiang, The Black Hand—ETIM and Terrorism in Xinjiang, and Tianshan: Still Standing- Memories of Fighting Terrorism in Xinjiang, it provides in-depth observation and analysis: The region has suffered from terrorism threats for decades. The East Turkistan Islamic Movement, the ETIM, is the main agitator behind the violence. The efforts to eradicate extremism have taken great sacrifices, and Xinjiang is still facing challenges in the long run. We are grateful to the people in Xinjiang for their courage to share their personal sorrows, regrets, and doubts. We hope these documentaries could to some extent provide different perspectives, helping to break stereotypes, including those even we ourselves hold.  

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