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GameChange Solar Announces Deployment of Over 230,000 Solar Trackers

15 Marzo 2021

- NORWALK, Conn., March 15, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- GameChange Solar today announced that the company has now deployed over 230,000 solar trackers. Each solar tracker is an independent robotic system that moves an average of 90 PV solar modules throughout the course of the day to follow the sun and interact with weather patterns to optimize energy harvest for power plant owners. The system uses advanced wireless mesh networks as well as industry-leading learning algorithms that will optimize each solar power plant's unique needs to maximize power production.

Derick Botha, Chief Commercial Officer at GameChange Solar, stated: "GameChange Solar has achieved a significant milestone with over 230,000 solar trackers deployed. Our focus on high reliability with our proven Genius Tracker™ controller technology has resulted in superior uptime for power plant owners and has proven critical to our success as we continue to scale globally."

Contact and media inquiries can be directed to Derick Botha +1 (302) 528-2125 email:

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