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Premia Partners Launches New Report on Asia Innovative Technology

13 Gennaio 2021

New report discusses Asia megatrends and offers a playbook to participate in opportunities from disruptive innovations and technology-enabled productivity growth benefitting through passage of time 

HONG KONG, Jan. 13, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Premia Partners, a leading Hong Kong-based ETF issuer, today releases its latest whitepaper "Where to find growth: Tailwinds from Asia Megatrends & Playbook to participate in Asia Innovations and Technology-enabled Productivity Growth".

Contrary to developed markets, Asian ETFs still lack product breadth for secular growth coverage and are constrained by mainstream market capitalization-weighted approaches. This creates a void for investors seeking to benefit from the region's structural tailwinds in themes such as smart EV & new energy, 5G, AI, cloud computing, biotech & life science, digitalization transformation, IoT, robotic automation, eSports and more.

As investors are increasingly looking to Asia for growth opportunities, finding a relevant approach is more important than ever. Furthermore, it is vital to empower investors with use cases of how these growth themes fit into their broader portfolio strategies, especially when traditional asset allocation models often cannot sufficiently address such disruptive trends. This report aims to empower readers with a playbook to position ahead for tomorrow today by addressing:

"In the past it might seem only through alternative strategies can investors access opportunities in innovative leaders that are transforming Asia," said Rebecca Chua, Managing Partner of Premia Partners, "Now by leveraging the FactSet RBICS taxonomy, we are delighted to offer investors a low-cost, liquid and transparent tool to participate in these opportunities efficiently".

For the full year of 2020, the Premia Asia Innovative Technology ETF (3181 HK / 9181 HK) which tracks the AIT Index generated a total return of 59.8%, and is among the best performing Asia ETFs globally. The ETF charges a total expense ratio of 0.5% p.a., with no performance fee, and zero stamp duties, withholding, or capital gains taxes.

To download the whitepaper, please click here

About Premia Partners

Founded in Hong Kong in 2016, Premia Partners has emerged as one of the leading independent, pure-play ETF asset managers in Asia. Dedicated to building and curating best practice ETFs and rule-based solutions for Asia, our goal is to contribute to a better ETF ecosystem in Asia and for Asia. As of December 31st 2020, Premia Partners manages 6 ETFs including Premia CSI Caixin China New Economy ETF which is the 4th largest China A-shares ETF in Hong Kong, and winner of the HKEx 2019 Top Performing ETF - Total Return Award. For more information on Premia or Premia ETFs including strategies covering China, Emerging ASEAN, Asia Innovative Technology, Vietnam and US Treasury, please visit

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