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The Second Annual Award Ceremony for International Video Contest of My China Story held in Yantai

04 Gennaio 2021

BEIJING, Jan. 4, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Nearing the end of 2020, an eventful year for most, China International Publishing Group (CIPG) hosts the My China Story award ceremony for excellent films created by foreigners both abroad and living in China. Content creators from around the world document their lives and experiences in China through filming short videos.



The event begins with the screening event where guests gather to view 33 award-winning short films, getting the opportunity to view the "China Stories" experienced by other foreigners just like themselves.

After the screening, everyone headed upstairs to participate in the seminar, where several guests took the stage and shared ideas for improving how we document our experiences in or with China and how we go about sharing our stories with the world. At the seminar, video creator, Leo, from Germany, shares with us his first time in China nearly 40 years ago in 1984 and his reflections about life in China at that time. Father-son YouTube duo from the UK, Lee and Oli Barrett, also relate their experience filming and visiting the "enormous" Three Gorges Dam for the first time.

Downstairs, Liu Bianjing, a university student in China from Cameroon Africa, prepares to take the stage. He claims to be one of the best, if not the best, foreign singers of traditional Chinese Henan Opera; previously having won second prize on television competing against Chinese singers.

The grand prize is revealed by the host, awarding RMB30,000 to the first prize winner for their film about the magnificent annual gala performance and the tight-knit community of workers in a Chinese factory.

The video follows American host, Jack, who takes us through the ceremony showing us the most interesting, note-worthy highlights. We get a chance to talk to content creators and briefly hear exactly what it is they do in China that makes their own experience so unique.

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